Dr. Zareer Dadachanji

Dr. Zareer Dadachanji is the founder and director of Model Quant Solutions. He is an entrepreneurial and highly business-focussed quantitative analysis consultant, offering extensive experience gained at leading global financial institutions.


Zareer has over 22 years of quant experience, including 13 years working as a front-office quant at banks and hedge funds, and culminating in a role as the Global Head of FX Quants.


As a front-office quant, Zareer became an expert in the modelling of Foreign Exchange (FX) and Equity derivatives. He combines these specialist areas with a wide knowledge of numerous topics in quantitative modelling, which he brings to all consultancy projects.


Zareer has successfully delivered a wide variety of quant solutions both in corporate environments and as a consultant. For more details, please get in contact.


Zareer works in both English and German.